Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Episode 5: The RAGE just won’t STOP Part 2 - 4

My apologies folks I’ve been a bit busy with work but here we go Part 2 of Episode 5, and the rage keeps on going in this episode. We discuss Marvel’s Agents of Shield, the Perfect Dark program, and Cartoon Network being idiots with their shows again. We talk the PS4 announcement, Star Wars Episode VII, and… EA, among other things of course. In our final part we have our Roundtable, where Mad Hatter let’s his rage flow over internet connectivity in the United States. A perfect topic considering the rumors of always-online consoles. And afterwards we give some recommendations.

Hope you enjoy and check back for the rest of the episode as we put it out. Also we just made it to iTunes so search for us there too.
Episode 5: The Rage Won't Stop! Part 2

Episode 5: The Rage Won't Stop! Part 3

Episode 5: The Rage Won't Stop! Part 4

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