Sunday, February 3, 2013

Episode 4: Kicking off the New Year Pt. 2

So it seems like we're finally getting on track with our timing. This week we release Episode 4 Pt. 2 for your listening pleasure. This week we have the beginning of the headlines segment including discussions on The Amazing Spider-man issue 700, The Man of Steel Trailer, and what's next with THQ's announcement of bankruptcy. We hope you enjoy the discussion and look for us next week and the continuation of our headlines section.

Episode 4: Kicking off the New Year Pt. 2

Links Below:

Pacific Rim Trailer:
Whole Hog Theater:
Amazing Spiderman
Arma Developers Freed
Java Exploit sold on Black Market
Man of Steel Trailer
Mercedes Anime Commerical
Avengers Arena
Young Avengers
THQ goes Bankrupt, sells Assests
The goodbye from Ben Cureton of Vigil Games

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